Paper and Supplement for Jim Umen Feb. 24 JC

Maternal Control of Nutrient Allocation in Plant Seeds by Genomic Imprinting

Current Biology 22, 160–165, January 24, 2012

For Discussion Leader:

-How does plant fertilization occur?

-Which tissues are involved in seed and embryo development and how do the two parents contribute to each of them?

-What is imprinting?

-What is thought to be the evolutionary basis for imprinting?

-How was Meg1 originally identified?

-How are the results of this paper different from previous papers describing imprinting in plants?

Questions for all students:

-How is reproduction in plants similar to that in placental mammals?

-What is the developmental significance of endosperm transfer tissue (ETT)?

-What are the parental genetic contributions to the ETT?

-What are maternal effects and how are they distinguishable from imprinting?

-With regard to reproduction, how are the maternal and paternal interests in the the development of plant progeny in potential conflict?

-Would you expect the degree of conflict to differ in outcrossing plants versus self-fertilizing plants?