Lucia Strader
April 20, 2012

Review Article: JAZ review.pdf
Pauwels and Goossens, 2011
The Plant Cell, Vol. 23: 3089–3100
The JAZ Proteins: A Crucial Interface in the Jasmonate Signaling Cascade

Research Article:JAZ8.pdf
Shyu et al, 2012. The Plant Cell, Vol. 24: 536–550
JAZ8 Lacks a Canonical Degron and Has an EAR Motif That Mediates Transcriptional Repression of Jasmonate Responses inArabidopsis

Pauwels and Goossens review:
1. How does one decide that a particular compound is a hormone? Do plants even really have hormones?
2. What is TOPLESS and how does it help JAZ proteins act as repressors?
3. Why did initial protein-protein interaction studies with COI1 fail to identify COI1 targets?
4. How might alternative splicing alter JAZ function?

Shyu et al paper:
5. How is the JAZ8 protein different from other JAZ proteins?
6. How much of the data collected by Shyu et al could have been predicted by just looking at protein domain differences between JAZ8 and the other JAZ proteins?