Papers to discuss on March 9th, 2012 Journal club.

The first paper was published last year in science, suggesting a passive origin of stomatal control in vascular plants. The two current biology papers appeared a couple of months later refuting the first paper. I would like to have a discussion about both sides of the argument in our next journal club. The papers by themselves are very short and simple so don't worry about having to read three papers :-)

Suggestions for Sheri
1. A brief introduction to stomata, their role in controlling water loss and their physiology
2. A brief description of the evolution of land plants and different lineages etc.

Questions for students
1. What is the importance of the presence of stomata in land plant evolution?
2.What are the strongest and weakest points of the science paper versus the current biology papers?
3. Why this seemingly simple research has so much significance that it got published in top notch journals?