Our topic for March 11 is:

Basal defense responses and pathogen virulence factors.

The reading assignment:

Recommended Review:
Segonzac and Zipfel 2011. Activation of plant pattern-recognition receptors by bacteria
Curr Op Microbiol 2011, 14:54–61

Research Article for discussion:
Goehre et al, 2008. Plant Pattern-Recognition Receptor FLS2 Is Directed for Degradation by the Bacterial Ubiquitin Ligase AvrPtoB
CURRENT BIOLOGY 18: 1824-1832

Supplemental Reviews
Geldner, N. and Robatzek, S. (2008). Plant receptors go endosomal: A moving view on signal transduction. Plant Phys. 147:1565-1574.

Boller and Felix. 2009. Review on MAMPs. Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 60:379-406.

Tune in tomorrow for the questions.